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Website Changes

Anti-faff is the order of the day.

Stuart Breckenridge
Stuart Breckenridge
1 min read
Website Changes

Some website announcements:

  • New domain:
  • New engine: this is a Ghost powered website
  • New design: Ubud by Aspire Themes
  • New typography: Guardian Text Sans for body text and Guardian Egpytian Text for headlines, both from Commercial Type

Why change the domain?

Why .net? It sounds better than .com—don't @ me—and this isn't a commercial site.  

Everything at the domain level now redirects here (all previous .coms and even a .tv). Redirect rules should also handle content related redirects.

Why Ghost?

First, it's not Ghost(Pro). It's self-hosted Ghost on a Digital Ocean server hosted in Singapore. It's not as easy to get up and running as Ghost(Pro), but it's easy enough.

Second, with Jekyll and Hugo, I spent an inordinate amount of time playing around with front matter. And because I was playing with the front matter, I was also playing with layouts and feed structures and other parts of the site on a frequent basis.

I got bored and wanted something with less faff. Ghost fit the bill.

On the Design

I've taken the newsletter and subscription elements out, but otherwise, the Ubud theme from Aspire Themes is untouched. I really like it.


  • Large headings are Guardian Egyptian Text

  • Body text is Guarding Text Sans

They work well together. The Guardian has done a good job testing them.

(It's not for this post, but when I was testing fonts for this design I defaulted to my favourite font—Whitney—from (what was) Hoefler&Co. What has happened to their pricing? Their Cloud subscription price has doubled from $99 to $199. It's nuts. Commercial Type's licensing is much more reasonable.)

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