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Singapore Buses Roadmap

Stuart Breckenridge
Stuart Breckenridge
1 min read
Singapore Buses Roadmap

A roadmap for a bus app. No pun intended.

Singapore Buses is almost a few weeks old and I thought I'd write about what I'm planning in v1.1 and beyond.


Currently, Singapore Buses uses Microsoft's App Center to track user behaviour and crash reports. I aim to replace App Center in v1.1 with a custom-built metrics solution that is privacy-preserving and won't involve a third party.


In order of planned appearance, I am planning to add a few new features:

  • Ability to view arriving bus locations (v1.1)
  • Widget (after v1.1)
  • Spotlight Suggestions (after v1.1)
  • Apple Watch app (after v1.1)
  • Timed push notifications (after v1.1)


Lastly, and longer-term—after v1.1—I aim to replace the current ad-based monetisation model (for which I use AdMob) with something different that is also privacy-preserving. It's currently in the larvae stage of development (in so much as I've written the idea down on a piece of paper).

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