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Singapore Buses 2023

Stuart Breckenridge
Stuart Breckenridge
1 min read
Screenshot of the iPhone Lock Screen showing Singapore Buses' Live Activity widget.
Singapore Buses—Now with Live Activities!

Singapore Buses 2023 is very much a version 1 of a version 2. It's written entirely using SwiftUI—dropping UIKit altogether—while adopting some of the latest Swift and iOS features.

tl; now!

What's New?

  • Singapore Buses now supports Look Around (where available) so you can see the surrounding area of a bus stop.
  • Singapore Buses+, a new subscription offering, allows you to remove ads and enables support for Live Activities.
  • Live Activities—a first(?) for Singapore Bus apps—allow you to track up to five upcoming arrivals from your Lock Screen and, where available, from the Dynamic Island. This removes the need to open the app to get refreshed timings. Each arrival is tracked for 15 minutes.

What's Changed?

  • The Arrivals view has been redesigned to show all upcoming arrivals on a single screen without selecting a bus service on a carousel.
  • The Arrivals view now supports Look Around (where available), so you can see the surrounding area of a bus stop.
  • The Search view no longer takes up a minimum of half the screen 😃!
  • Bus Route Search has been redesigned and shows Inbound, Outbound, and Loops.
  • The Bus Routes view has been redesigned and shows more data, e.g., route distance and stop count.
  • Bus routes accurately follow roads.
  • Improved support for dynamic text sizes throughout.
  • Siri integration has been removed in this release.
A gallery of Singapore Buses screenshots.
Singapore Buses 2023
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