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Retiring Singapore Rail

Today, I've removed Singapore Rail from the App Store. On April 8th, I'll discontinue the push notifications service.

Stuart Breckenridge
Stuart Breckenridge
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Retiring Singapore Rail
Singapore Rail

Singapore Rail is almost two years old, and while it's been fun to build and maintain, its usage metrics across macOS, iOS, and iPadOS aren't what you'd call stellar.

Over the last three months, it's been used just 124 times. That's not surprising given the lack of disruptions in the MRT and LRT services. As a point of comparison, Singapore Buses has been used over 16,000 times over the same period. So it's obvious where I should focus my efforts.

The retirement process:

  • 30th March — Singapore Rail removed from the App Store
  • 8th April — I'll discontinue the push notifications service

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