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NetNewsWire 6.1 Released

Hello, custom themes.

Stuart Breckenridge
Stuart Breckenridge
1 min read
NetNewsWire 6.1 Released

NetNewsWire 6.1 is out now on macOS, and custom themes are the tentpole feature. Yes, custom themes, for your RSS reader. It's not just changing the tint colour or the font, custom themes change the entire reading experience. It sounds nuts. It is nuts. It is also great fun.

From version 6.1, NetNewsWire will recognise .nnwtheme theme packages and install them automatically. @SherlockHans has a themes directory up and running at

Two of my themes—Promenade and NewsFax—are included in the 6.1 release.

I also have a few others available:

  • Broadsheet — NetNewsWire as a quality newspaper
  • Illinois — NetNewsWire plus a little bit of classic macOS

Theme developers should check out the technote for instructions on how to create new themes.


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