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London Bus Times — Alpha Testing

Read on to sign up for TestFlight builds.

Stuart Breckenridge
Stuart Breckenridge
1 min read
London Bus Times — Alpha Testing

An early build of my next app—London Bus Times—is available on TestFlight. You can sign up here.

⚠️ Warning: These are very early test builds. Expect crashes and strange behaviour.


  • Panning and zooming update the visible stop points on the map. Please check performance.
  • Tapping on a map annotation opens up a callout, allowing you to view the latest arrivals.

Bus Stop List

  • This will update with the nearest stops as you mince around London.
  • If you disallow location services, it should display all stops.
  • If you're outside of London—why are you using the app?—it will display an information message.
  • The search functionality works. Please check performance.


  • Arrivals will display when available or show an information message.
  • Timetables are available, but the UI is not complete.
  • If there is a disruption, an alert is displayed.


  • All disruptions can be viewed. It is expected that this will be removed.

Attribution: The app icon in test builds is temporary and is available, with a free license, on Vecteezy.

📱App Development🚍 London Bus Times