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Continuing the U.S. State Capital Tour

Four legs are complete and now I'm waiting for the PMDG 737.

Stuart Breckenridge
Stuart Breckenridge
1 min read
Continuing the U.S. State Capital Tour

I've completed four legs of my U.S. State Capital tour in Microsoft Flight Simulator. I'll be continuing the tour from mid-May as it seems PMDG will be releasing their 737 very soon.

From the latest update (30-Apr-22) on their forums:

The good news is that we have every system at PMDG poised for the release. The moment are certain that we have a fix in hand, we will be in a position to make the airplane available for your use. My hope is to have you off on 737 adventures in time for next weekend- but this will depend entirely upon the results of our own efforts in the next few days.

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