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A Tour of U.S. State Capitals in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Stuart Breckenridge
Stuart Breckenridge
2 min read
A Tour of U.S. State Capitals in Microsoft Flight Simulator

My next streaming project will be a tour of U.S. state capitals in Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC.

I will start in Tallahassee, Florida, and then criss-cross the United States, stopping at airports in, or close to, each state capital. There will be a mix of airline and general aviation, and, except for flights from Washington to Alaska and Alaska to Hawaii, the flights will be less than two hours. The flight plan is below:

1 Tallahassee, FL KTLH Baton Rouge, LA KBTR
2 Baton Rouge, LA KBTR Austin, TX KAUS
3 Austin, TX KAUS Santa Fe, NM KSAF
4 Santa Fe, NM KSAF Phoenix, AZ KPHX
5 Phoenix, AZ KPHX Sacramento, CA KSMF
6 Sacramento, CA KSMF Carson City, NE KCXP
7 Carson City, NE KCXP Salt Lake City, UT KSLC
8 Salt Lake City, UT KSLC Denver, CO KDEN
9 Denver, CO KDEN Oklahoma City, OK KOKC
10 Oklahoma City, OK KOKC Little Rock, AR KLIT
11 Little Rock, AR KLIT Jackson, MS KJAN
12 Jackson, MS KJAN Montgomery, AL KMGM
13 Montgomery, AL KMGM Atlanta, GA KATL
14 Atlanta, GA KATL Columbia, SC KCAE
15 Columbia, SC KCAE Raleigh, NC KRDU
16 Raleigh, NC KRDU Richmond, VA KRIC
17 Richmond, VA KRIC Annapolis, MD KANP
18 Annapolis, MD KANP Washington DC KDCA
19 Washington DC KDCA Dover, DE KDOV
20 Dover, DE KDOV Trenton, NJ KTTN
21 Trenton, NJ KTTN Hartford, CT KHFD
22 Hartford, CT KHFD Providence, RI KPVD
23 Providence, RI KPVD Boston, MA KBOS
24 Boston, MA KBOS Concord, NH KCON
25 Concord, NH KCON Augusta, ME KAUG
26 Augusta, ME KAUG Montpelier, VT KMPV
27 Montpelier, VT KMPV Albany, NY KALB
28 Albany, NY KALB Harrisburg, PA KMDT
29 Harrisburg, PA KMDT Charleston, WV KCRW
30 Charleston, WV KCRW Nashville, TN KBNA
31 Nashville, TN KBNA Frankfort, KY KFFT
32 Frankfort, KY KFFT Columbus, OH KCMH
33 Columbus, OH KCMH Lansing, MI KLAN
34 Lansing, MI KLAN Indianapolis, IN KIND
35 Indianapolis, IN KIND Springfield, IL KSGF
36 Springfield, IL KSGF Jefferson City, MO KJEF
37 Jefferson City, MO KJEF Des Moines, IA KDSM
38 Des Moines, IA KDSM Madison, WI KMSN
39 Madison, WI KMSN St Paul, MN KMSP
40 St Paul, MN KMSP Topeka, KS KFOE
41 Topeka, KS KFOE Lincoln, NE KLNK
42 Lincoln, NE KLNK Pierre, SD KPIR
43 Pierre, SD KPIR Bismarck, ND KBIS
44 Bismarck, ND KBIS Cheyenne, WY KCYS
45 Cheyenne, WY KCYS Helena, MT KHLN
46 Helena, MT KHLN Boise, ID KBOI
47 Boise, ID KBOI Salem, OR KSLE
48 Salem, OR KSLE Olympia, WA KOLM
49 Olympia, WA KOLM Juneau, AK PAJN
50 Juneau, AK PAJN Honolulu, HI PHNL

I intend to start this weekend.